Bill C-17

Bill C-17

This week the Yukon Chamber of Mines Executive Board members were afforded the opportunity to attend the Council of Yukon First Nations General Assembly, during which we had an opportunity to speak with leadership on the topics of C-17, development of an MOU, and an update on the development of a Yukon First Nations Engagement & Consultation Guidebook.

CYFN’s leadership table is represented by the following First Nations:


Numerous Chiefs and the Grand Chief thanked the Yukon Chamber of Mines for its letter of support for C-17 (with conditions). We were supplied a version of the attached letter to re-affirm that support, and we added specific language to the letter to ensure industry’s support included  the understanding that there is a commitment to working on our membership’s outstanding issues of timelines & re-assessments subsequent to passage of C-17.

“Repeal of these amendments and addressing industry concerns through a collaborative framework is critical to re-establishing confidence in the development assessment process in Yukon and to honouring the intent of Final and Self-Government Agreements”

This was a historic step yesterday for the mining industry and the Yukon Chamber of Mines. There will be further discussions between the administrations of both organizations on the development of an MOU.

Please find attached, a joint press release between Yukon Chamber of Mines, Yukon Government and the Council of Yukon First Nations.

It was important to have any public announcement reflect the commitment of all parties to addressing the outstanding issues of timelines & re-assessments moving forward. You will find this language was also reflected in the announcement.