Yukon First Nation Engagement & Consultation Guidebook

Yukon First Nation Engagement & Consultation Guidebook

Our Approach

Jointly funded by Yukon Chambers of Mines, Canadian Northern
Economic Development Agency (CanNor), and Yukon Government - Energy, Mines and Resources, the primary purpose of this project is to create stronger healthy
relationships between the mining industry and Yukon First Nations in the area of
mineral exploration in Yukon Canada. The project also calls for the
development an online resource (i.e. website, app, and/or ebook) as well as a
comprehensive paper guidebook in the area of Yukon First Nation engagement &
consultation requirements for proponents of mineral exploration in Yukon Canada. This project builds on the Yukon Chamber of Mines 2012 publication entitled Engaging with Yukon First Nations & Communities – A quick reference guide

It is our belief that a Guide of this kind, both in hard copy and Web-based, will be of significant value to proponents in the industry when they are considering what steps must be taken in Yukon to meet engagement and consultation requirements both of First Nations and of regulators.


We Want Your Input

The Chamber has hired northSense management consulting to prepare a comprehensive publication and website on “Yukon First Nation Engagement & Consultation Guidebook for Proponents of Mineral Exploration in Yukon Canada” (the “Guide”).
Considerable effort is going into outreach to Yukon First Nations to determine what they believe should be in this Guide to assist proponents and to develop partnerships through engagement practices as they pursue projects in Yukon.

The Chamber wants to ensure that we receive your input as this project proceeds over the next 6 months.  There will be a number of opportunities to meet the northSense Consulting Team to have “face time” with them, specifically Stephen Morison and Angus Robertson.
Ultimately the team is looking for input on the following broad questions:

  1. In your experience, what is the state of current engagement and consultation practices with First Nations in Yukon?
  2. In your experience, what engagement and consultation practices have worked and which ones have not been as successful?
  3. What are your major challenges in achieving effective engagement and consultation with Yukon First Nations?


Next Steps...

If you have any thoughts on this issue or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact our Executive Director