Saturday, November 18th, 2023

Whitehorse, Yukon
The Yukon Chamber of Mines (YCM) along with the Yukon Government recognizes the First Nation in Mining Award, Community Award, the Member Award, Prospector of the Year Award and Leckie Award recipients at the 51st
Annual Yukon Geoscience Forum & Trade Show.

The YCM would like to congratulate:

First Nations in Mining Award winner Albert Drapeau, Regional Economic Development Advisor, Yukon Government – Economic Development. The First Nations in Mining Award is chosen in partnership between the YCM and YFNCC and honor’s contributions made to the advancement of a sustainable and responsible Yukon mining industry. Albert Drapeau has been awarded for his work over the last decade advocating for First Nation Business and exemplifying
how partnerships can lead to the advancement of a strong Yukon mining industry.

Community Award winners Dawn Moses and Victor Sembsemoen, co-founders of Haldane Services branch of Small’s Expediting Ltd. The Community Award winners exemplify contributions to the advancement of a sustainable and
responsible Yukon mining industry.

Dawn Moses, has been awarded for providing essential standby evacuation transportation and in doing so, unwaveringly protected human lives, and minimized environmental damage in the community. Dawn’s work continues to show community driven leadership and commitment to the community.

Victor Sembsmoen has been awarded for the commitment he has shown to sustain essential operations and transportation in his community. Even in the face of extreme weather conditions, Victor’s commitment never waivers and represents a truly outstanding member of his community.

Member Award winner Tara Chistie, Banyan Gold Corp. The Member Award winner exemplifies modern development practices by contributing toward the development of healthier communities, protecting the natural environment, and helping to develop a vibrant economy for present and future generations.

Tara Christie has been awarded for her work as the founder and President of “Every Student, Every Day”, also known as the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society, that has actively put industry dollars directly into Yukon schools to better support more meaningful attendance. The volunteer contributions she has made on behalf of Yukoners is remarkable and benefits not only future miners but all Yukon students.

Prospector of the Year winner Ryan Burke, Geology Graduate. Also, winner of the NextGen Prospect Challenge in 2020, Ryan has made significant prospects in the Yukon mining industry with his recent discoveries. He has also signed partnerships with Transition Metals Corp. and Cascadia Minerals Ltd to explore his findings. The Yukon Chamber of Mines will present the award, in the form of a plaque with a rock hammer, at the annual Geoscience banquet.

Leckie Award winner Snowline Gold Corporation has won the 2023 Robert E Leckie for Environmental Stewardship. In 2023, the company cleaned up an old,abandoned camp near Emerald Lake by backhauling 21 fuel drums, cleaning up
five old tent frames and flying net loads of waste out of site. Progressive reclamation and project planning to minimize ground disturbance has been shown to have been an important objective for Snowline. In 2022, the company
adopted a Native Seed and Revegetation Strategy in collaboration with Yukon Seed and Restoration. The company has been collecting native seeds in 2021 and 2022 for reseeding in the upcoming 2024 field season.

Yukon’s exploration and mining industry continues to grow and play a large role in the territory’s economic development. As a community the Yukon, it’s people and organizations that are mentioned in these awards continue to represent Yukon’s standard in exploration and mining practices.

“I am proud of the award recipients’ heartfelt contributions to the sustainability, partnership, and growth of the Yukon Mining industry. It is with utmost thanks and appreciation that I congratulate them on behalf of the Yukon Chamber of Mines today.” – Loralee Johnstone, President, Yukon Chamber of Mines

The awards will be given out at the Geoscience Forum awards banquet on Monday November 20th, 2023 when we look forward to celebrating these exceptional and deserving recipients.


Brianne Warner

Executive Director | Yukon Chamber of Mines