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Watch recordings from Day 3 and Day 4 at Yukon’s
2023 Annual Geoscience Forum and Trade Show below!

Thank You Yukon Geoscience

Partners and Sponsors

The Yukon Geoscience Forum & Trade Show is where the Yukon Mining Industry, First Nations, Government and Local Communities meet to advance Yukon’s sustainable exploration and mining industry.

Join over 650 delegates for a four-day event to share and learn more about the Yukon mining sector – the technology, the sustainable practices & policies, and the meaningful First Nations engagement that continue to shape our industry. 

Alongside engaging discussions and informative sessions, this event provides unparalleled networking opportunities – including a highly anticipated annual awards banquet – designed to foster valuable connections and spur business growth. With a plethora of critical minerals, Yukon stands to be a leader in the world’s transition to a green economy. Don’t miss out on this unique occasion to connect, learn, and be inspired. 

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Welcome Messages

Loralee Johnstone, President, Yukon Chamber of Mines

On behalf of the Yukon Chamber of Mines and our Board of Directors, I am pleased to welcome local, national, and international colleagues to take part in the 51st Annual Yukon Geoscience Forum and Trade Show and to the traditional territory of the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council and Kwanlin Dün First Nation.

We have been bringing folks involved in this important sector in our Territories economy together to discuss best practices, share stories and move our industry forward for 51 years. Our resources have us ranked 10th globally in mineral potential, this may be down from last year but our continued commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for our industry is a top priority for the Chamber. Geoscience continues to be an event that highlights the building of relationships and connections that will lead our industry into the future. I encourage you to take in the technical talks and keynote speakers which are sure to be both interesting and informative.

Our 50th Anniversary Annual Geoscience Forum and Trade show had a record of over 645 attendees which demonstrated the strength of our Geoscience program. We are excited to be able to host another well attended conference this year. Results of recent mapping and research conducted by the Yukon Geological Survey and other geoscientists will be presented along with exploration overviews by our neighbouring jurisdictions and results of exploration programs from industry and prospectors.

The Geoscience Trade Show is back with exhibitors from around the world showcasing their services and their work over the next four days. Delegates are encouraged to interact with vendors through such events as the ice breaker reception hosted with Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce and lunches occurring inclusive of your delegate pass. You can access a floor plan and exhibitor list at  to learn more.

At this time I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Yukon Chamber of Mines to thank all of our partners, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and organizers and of course thank you to all delegates for allowing us to make this event a success. Through your support, the Yukon Chamber of Mines will continue to strengthen its voice as a representative of Yukon’s modern, responsible mining industry.

Thank you and I hope you find our 51st Annual Yukon Geoscience Forum and Trade Show a great one!

Premier Ranj Pillai, Premier and Minister of Economic Development

I am delighted to extend to you a heartfelt invitation to join me at the 51st Annual Yukon Geoscience Forum and Trade Show, taking place in Whitehorse, Yukon from November 19 to 22, 2023. I am excited to reconnect with leaders in both mining and conservation, First Nations representatives, scientists, and capital market experts at this annual event. Together, we will delve into the latest developments in Yukon’s earth sciences, exploration, and mining industries. 

Mining has a deep-rooted significance in the Yukon’s history, cultural identity, and economic landscape. The mining industry also remains the Yukon’s largest private-sector employer. This is why the Government of Yukon continues to work alongside our partners, stakeholders, and First Nations governments to promote the territory’s global potential in mining exploration. 

Gold continues to be a pivotal economic driver for the territory and the vast, largely unexplored expanse of the Yukon offers immense promise when it comes to critical minerals. With occurrences of copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, platinum group metals and tungsten, we are well positioned to support Canada and the world in the transition toward a green economy. 

Our government is committed to attracting responsible mining investment that considers the views of local communities. By working together with First Nations, we are developing new legislation to improve the management of the Yukon’s mineral resources. 

Thank you for the interest you’ve shown in our jurisdiction by taking part in the 51st Annual Yukon Geoscience Forum and Trade Show. I eagerly anticipate the discussions at this year’s forum and the connections we’ll make together.

Hon. John Streicker, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources

I hope you will join us November 19-22, 2023, at the 51st annual Yukon Geoscience Forum & Trade Show in Whitehorse.

This year’s event promises to be a great opportunity to showcase the territory’s exploration and mining industry. We will have the chance to hear from leaders within the industry, as well as the latest geoscience updates from our experts at the Yukon Geological Survey.

The Government of Yukon supports a strong, sustainable and responsible mining industry.

Gold mining continues to be an important part of the Yukon’s economy, and the transition to a clean energy economy is creating new opportunities for the territory to supply critical minerals. Responsible mining of these minerals is a way for the territory to make a positive contribution to Canada’s green shift, while also creating well-paying jobs.

 We’re working with the Municipality of Skagway, Alaska, on their port redevelopment project, to ensure that Yukon mining companies have access to tidewater ore export infrastructure for decades to come. We’re also beginning work on connecting the Yukon’s and British Columbia’s energy grids. This will help the territory meet its growing demands for clean electricity and assist mining companies in meeting their emissions-reduction goals.

We’re collaborating with First Nations to develop new minerals legislation that better reflects First Nations’ relationships with the land and supports a modern and sustainable mining industry here in the Yukon.

We are also continuing work to stimulate new discoveries through the Yukon Mineral Exploration Program. This year, we’re spending $1.4 million to support 44 projects. It is expected that these projects will spend more than $4.6 million on exploration this season.

This year’s conference will provide ample opportunities to learn more about the territory’s latest mineral exploration success stories.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Scott Donaldson, CEO, BMC Minerals

BMC is a proud member of the Yukon Chamber of Mines, and we are very pleased to once again be the Patron Sponsor for the annual Yukon Geoscience Forum. The work the Chamber does to represent our industry is invaluable and as we navigate an uncertain world, the Chamber’s efforts will continue to be critical to our overall success.

In the year since we last gathered for Geoscience there have been some missteps for our industry, and we all need to acknowledge and fully understand them so we can embrace the lessons that need to be learned from them. However, we also need to acknowledge the many successes that have come about through industry-wide efforts in the Yukon and this past year has seen some incredible successes in prospecting, exploration, mining, and investment. These are successes we should celebrate together over the coming days as we gather with old friends (and new) and these are the successes we need to tell the world about.

These are challenging times; internationally, domestically, environmentally, and economically. Trying to forge a path forward under this level of uncertainty is not for the faint of heart. But Yukoners, and the rest of the world, need Yukon minerals and our expertise in finding, developing, and extracting those minerals, if we are going to, collectively, successfully transition to a green economy. Industry has a duty to do that in a responsible, respectful, and sustainable manner for the benefit of everyone, locally and globally.

As we celebrate the 51st annual Yukon Geoscience Forum it’s safe to say the industry of today is not the same as the industry of 50 years ago and we will not be the same 50 years hence. Industry will continue to evolve and innovate to solve the challenges before us, working closely with First Nations, communities, stakeholders, and governments to do so.

BMC looks forward to being a positive part of the Yukon’s future over the next 50 years and beyond. We wish all delegates a very successful Geoscience and we look forward to seeing everyone over the course of the next few days.

Travel Information

Best Western Gold Rush Inn


The Sternwheeler Hotel & Conference Centre


Skyy Hotel


Neighbourly North


Raven Inn


Air North

Discount Code: GEO2024
The promo code is valid on flights between Whitehorse and Calgary, Dawson City, Edmonton, Inuvik, Kelowna, Old Crow, Vancouver, or Victoria.

Valid from July 6 –30 Sep. 2024 for travel Nov. 11-25, 2024.

Finnigan Northern Award for Student Research Presentations

NAPEG provides financial assistance to researchers working in the northern territories. Applications are accepted until October 29 for the Yukon.

Award Nominations 

The Yukon Chamber of Mines (YCM) welcomes nominations for awards which will be presented at the Yukon Geoscience Forum Awards Banquet. Please submit your nominations by filling out the form below.

At this Year’s Geoscience Forum, the Yukon Chamber of Mines will honour a contribution made by an individual, corporation, or government department (federal, First Nation, territorial, or municipal) to the advancement of a sustainable and responsible Yukon mining industry.

At this year’s Yukon Geoscience Forum, the Yukon Chamber of Mines will honour a YCM member (either an individual or a corporation) who has undertaken mineral exploration or development activities in the Yukon within the last 12 months, and who has exemplified modern development practices by contributing toward the development of healthier communities, protecting the natural environment, and helping to develop a vibrant economy for present and future generations.

At this Year’s Geoscience Forum, the Yukon Chamber of Mines in partnership with Yukon First Nations Chamber of Commerce will honour a contribution made by the Yukon First Nation individual, business, development corporation or government to the advancement of a sustainable and responsible Yukon mining industry.

The Yukon Prospectors Association (YPA) is pleased to provide the Prospector of the Year award at each annual Yukon Geoscience banquet.  Each year, the YPA places a call for written recommendations for this prestigious award, and subsequently compiles all recommendations.  During its October general meeting, all written recommendations are provided for the general membership. In the case of multiple recipients, a secret ballot is cast to determine the winner, who is then contacted by the YPA President and/or Vice President.  The award, in the form of a plaque with a rock hammer, is presented at the annual Geoscience banquet.  If the recipient(s) is willing, the YPA will also arrange interviews with the local media to discuss their prospecting and exploration history in Yukon and reasons for receiving the award.

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The Yukon Geoscience Forum & Trade Show is where the Yukon Mining Industry, First Nations, Government and Local Communities meet to advance Yukon’s sustainable exploration and mining industry. Yukon’s premier natural resource conference gathers representatives from all areas of Yukon’s natural resource sector, offering a diversity of speakers, delegates, and leaders to explore challenges, opportunities in this dynamic sector. 

Become a sponsor today and raise your profile among an audience of prominent leaders and influencers in the Yukon’s mineral and mining sector. 

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