About Us

The Yukon Chamber of Mines represents a dynamic membership and since its creation in 1943, it has worked to serve its valued members and advance the interests of all those involved in the Yukon mining industry. Membership has burgeoned over the years from a dozen founding members in 1943 to more than 650 today. This strong and diverse group includes exploration, mining and service and supply companies, contractors and individuals that have a direct or indirect interest in the mining industry.

The Yukon Chamber of Mines is proud of the investment Yukon’s exploration and development has had into our territory. Exploration expenditures for 2022 were $125,000,000, with development expenditures topping $104,000,000. In the Dawson planning region alone, a total of $656,000,000 and $147,000,000 have been spent on exploration and development, respectively. These expenditures from Yukon’s mining industry are a responsible and sustainable contributor to Yukon’s communities and economy.

Significant discoveries and newly-opened mines and a commitment to responsibility place the Yukon at the forefront of the mining industry. As the trusted voice of mining, the Yukon Chamber of Mines thrives on the government, community, First Nation and individual partnerships it forges to help facilitate an environment of responsible development – one in which its members can continue to contribute and prosper.

Photography by: Cathie Archbould

Expenditure Estimates (not NRCan numbers) for 2023

Exploration and Development calculations for the territory for 2023 are:

  • ~$160M ($159,816,990.98) spent in exploration in 2023
  • ~$94.9M spent in development and capital expenditures related to mining in 2023.
  • Within the Dawson land use planning region: ~$28M ($27,921,947.98) was spent in exploration

Project numbers:

81 active projects in 2023, 31 projects with programs
By commodity:

  • 51 gold exploration projects
  • 14 copper exploration projects
  • 5 zinc-lead exploration projects
  • 7 silver exploration projects
  • 3 nickel-PGE exploration projects
  • 1 other (tungsten) exploration project